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  Our main tenet is surviving for the society, concerning our customers, being rich for our employees and getting strong for our company. According to the above-mentioned tenet, we pay equal attention to the safe work and standardized production. Meanwhile, Mingde Machinery always organizes some training class and entertainment activity for employees. Now Mingde Machinery tries their best to be a standardized, efficient and harmonious team to get their own benefit among customers, employees and the company.

  Mingde Machinery take the ‘technical innovation and talent-oriented’ as the human resources management ideology, set a reasonable human resources management system, which is an out legal principle, sound development, continuous motivation and open innovation. Through the broadcast of our culture and supply more opportunity to the employees, we will attract more talent.

  Mingde Machinery make training employees as the long investment, now we have set a complete training system. We supply the full training for every employee just for their own development, we also help employees know their career planing. At the same time, we hold the employing principle of ‘respect knowledge and competent people’, set a scientific and reasonable evaluation system of the employees in order to supply better stage to the talent.



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